Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Welcome Back Mr. Bishop

Well after too long I'm back to wrap up 2009. It has been a much improved 2009 but I do have regrets of missed opportunities. At the beginning of the year I was focused on fitness gains.

My Palmares:

January 31, Jag 5k 39:56 (12:51)
March 28, Azalea Trail Race 10k 1:13 (11:53)
April 25, NBCEE 27 miles 1:45 (15.6mph/avg)
May 23, Do it in the Bush Cross Country 5k 33:54 (10:54)
August 1, Cycle United 56 miles 3:28 (16mph/avg)
November 7, Senior Bowl 10k 1:10 (11:37).

In addition to the events I estimate I ran 180 miles of training and 325 miles of training on the bike. Now lets compare this to last years numbers.

So as you can see there has been much improvement, BUT there could of been so much more. My motivation and focus has been spotty at best. I've had good days/weeks/months and bad. It seems during the second half of the year there were more bad than good. I have enjoyed reading over the few entries I posted early in the year and I will try to make a point of posting more frequently not for you (if there is in deed a you out there) but for me because this blog is about me and maybe I'm not 1/8 insane.
Bring on 2010

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Anonymous said...

maybe you can make one of your goals to do 10 pushups in 10 minutes...