Sunday, April 5, 2009

Azalea Trail Run

Done, done, and done.
Completed the Azalea Trail Run
2,181 place out of 2944
169 out of 185 in my Age Group (30-34)

Had really bad storms over night. The race was delayed until 9:30 due to the bad weather. Woke up in the morning very excited (nervous, anxious, scared). Started too far back at the start and spent a lot of energy passing and trying to find a running line. The following is my recollection of the miles to the best of my fatigued memory.

1 Mile - 11:01 Easy pace most of the effort went to run around slower runners.
2 Mile - 11:13 Hit the water stop and took a walking break. Lost Matt at this point.
3 Mile - 11:43 The halfway mile broke me mentally. Had difficulty maintaining any sort of pace.
4 Mile - 12:27 Hurting. Walked too much. Could not get going
5 Mile - 12:45 More hurting, tried several times to pick up the pace but to no avail
6 Mile - 12:04 The last mile I ran. Not very fast but I ran. I said I wouldn't stop until the finish
Last .2 - 2:31
Finish - 1:13:47

Overall, I had fun. It was hard but it was much more mental than physical. I have not trained enough to run a 10k comfortably but my mind held me back much more than my body. Learned a lot and looking forward to my next event.

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