Monday, February 16, 2009

The only thing that feels worst that this guys face is my legs.

Code Blue, my legs are flat lining
I ran 1.8 miles Sunday and another 1.8 Monday with the Wings Army. Both efforts ever VERY hard. The increase in distance was very hard on my legs. My shins wanted to explode. The next day was a scheduled off day and my legs were not sore but I felt very achy and flat. As a result I took another day off for recovery to no avail. Lance Armstrong talked about the pain of a hard effort as as a sweet, easy type of pain, but when not prepared for the effort the pain would be an ugly rusty type of pain. Call me the Tin Man in the rain.

My motivation has also suffered. The efforts took their toll both physically and mentally. I forced myself out today and took an easy run. Ran a mile, walked .2, then ran the last .8. Still not feeling great. I am going to pull back the training distance a little bit focusing on form more than distance.

The mistake I made was the two very hard efforts back to back. With minimal recovery time, I over trained and the stress effected my progress and mood AND I am afraid I am off schedule for my March race plan. Currently I am running 4 days a week with another day of cycling or weight training. I plan to continue this schedule, but I will have to more closely monitor my efforts and mix in easy days after hard days. Using a more active recovery (spinning, walking) should also improve progress. With my low moral, running has become boring. I need to mix in more cycling to spice things up.

I think the tone of this post illustrates my low moral and focus.
Finally the stats:

Weight: 200.6

Training Runs
Sunday 1st .9 mile 8:58
2nd .9 mile 10:14
Total 19:13
Monday 1st .9 mile 8:40
2nd .9 mile 9:25
Total 18:06
Thursday 1st mile 9:59
walk/run total 2 miles 23:02.

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