Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The only guy I want to beat is the guy I was last week.

'Il faut d'abord durer'

- Ernest Hemingway (Trans: 'First, one must endure')

Well after completing my 1st 5k, I am searching for my next endurance competition. Social and family obligations have take care of February so I am targeting mid March for another 5k and the Azalea Trail race (10k) on March 28.
I have two goals for the 5k; one to tune up for the AT and two finishing time of a sub-35 shaving 5 minutes off my previous time. With a month of training I think this is very doable especially if I run the entire race (I walked portions of the Jag Run after promising to keep pace with Brad).
Speaking of training, I have increased my running volume as of late mostly because of time constraints. It is easier to work in a 20 minute run than an hour on the bike. 1.9 miles in 17:51 is my PR for time and distance. Cardiovascular I'm there, the issue is my body taking the pounding. I have worked all the way from .25, now I just have to continue to push. If I can complete the 5k without walking then I feel confident I can run/walk the AT in 1:30. I would be happy with that.
Just in case that is not ambitious enough I'm thinking of participating in a sprint triathlon in May. 1/3 mile swim, 16 mile bike, 3.1 mile run. Does not sound scary just need to train in the water and it might be fun.

Weight Update
199.2 I've struggled maintaining the weight lost from January. Diet is not as strict, but activity is still high. I have to be more disciplined.

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srj said...

If the pounding is due to the impact of footsteps, look into P.O.S.E. running. The impact will be much lower.

You're probably a heel striker, which is unnatural. Since the 70's, running shoe manufacturers have progressively increased the amount of cushioning and stabilization they put into shoes, allowing for and even encouraging an unhealthy form (including the heel strike).

I've totally drunk the Koo-aid on barefoot running (Vibram 5fingers & Nike Free 3.0), and could go into that, but, for now, I'll just recommend learning to land on the forefoot. Your feet should never land in front of your hips. Try it.