Monday, January 12, 2009

Keep on, Keeping on

And the ants keep marching.
I started the new year sick and I have recovered at least 95%. I put in a run last week and two rides one good 18 miler with a couple of climbs 362 ft. Diet is going well I have almost lost the Holiday weight (down to 202 lbs) sticking to 2200 calories a day. I would like to plug and the DailyPlate. I have been tracking my calorie intake and the DP is an excellent tool. I highly recommend it. I have extended my running distance to 1.5 & I got my 10 minute mile. We have finally gotten some cold weather and training is going to be more difficult, but I am super motivated.
I've got a few people motivated and we are all running a one mile fun run (that the restaurant is sponsoring.) Should be fun and it is serving as a good target goal. I was kicking around nicknames and I like Wing0lution or WingStrong, but NWO (New Wing Order) is probably my favorite.
Completed another CTS Test
Warm up: ending 106.
Interval 1: Avg 130, Mx 145, 26mph/90 rev
Reco: 27 bps.
Interval 2: Avg 145, Mx 155, 26mph/95 rev
Reco: 29 bps.
The results show a small increase in fitness. I am putting forth more effort in the second interval then previous tests but my HR is lower. That's a good thing and a sign that my training, while sporadic, is providing favorable results.
Today's Stats
Weight: 202
Body Fat: 31% (This has dropped dramatically which I contribute to a bad initial reading)
Water %: 47.5 (As I have lost weight my hydration levels have improved. Unsure if there is any scientific correlation.)

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