Monday, January 12, 2009

Keep on, Keeping on

And the ants keep marching.
I started the new year sick and I have recovered at least 95%. I put in a run last week and two rides one good 18 miler with a couple of climbs 362 ft. Diet is going well I have almost lost the Holiday weight (down to 202 lbs) sticking to 2200 calories a day. I would like to plug and the DailyPlate. I have been tracking my calorie intake and the DP is an excellent tool. I highly recommend it. I have extended my running distance to 1.5 & I got my 10 minute mile. We have finally gotten some cold weather and training is going to be more difficult, but I am super motivated.
I've got a few people motivated and we are all running a one mile fun run (that the restaurant is sponsoring.) Should be fun and it is serving as a good target goal. I was kicking around nicknames and I like Wing0lution or WingStrong, but NWO (New Wing Order) is probably my favorite.
Completed another CTS Test
Warm up: ending 106.
Interval 1: Avg 130, Mx 145, 26mph/90 rev
Reco: 27 bps.
Interval 2: Avg 145, Mx 155, 26mph/95 rev
Reco: 29 bps.
The results show a small increase in fitness. I am putting forth more effort in the second interval then previous tests but my HR is lower. That's a good thing and a sign that my training, while sporadic, is providing favorable results.
Today's Stats
Weight: 202
Body Fat: 31% (This has dropped dramatically which I contribute to a bad initial reading)
Water %: 47.5 (As I have lost weight my hydration levels have improved. Unsure if there is any scientific correlation.)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Starting Line

At the Starting line...

I am very excited for the new year and today is the start of a new chapter. 2008 was a very tough year with personal loss, illness, and more personal loss. I started my VisionQuest, if you will on 10/1/08 and made some progress.Today is an opportunity to start fresh with a new year. The problem today is that I am sick. I battled with a cold that both my son and wife had and now it has taken hold of me. I wanted to start training today but I am going to rest. In the upcoming days I will establish my baseline in order to measure my progress. I hope if you are reading this that you will check in time to time to follow my progress and lend some encouragement. In the meantime, on your mark, get set, go.

Today's Stats:
Weight: 209 ( Gained 8 pounds in December)
Body Fat: 39% (This is measured from a digital scale and I don't feel confident with its accuracy. I also don't feel confident if it is accurate.)
Water %: 42.5