Thursday, December 18, 2008

CTS Fitness Test

The Baseline
It has been a difficult month. The cold and rain is not very motivating. I have run 2 miles this month, 10:17 & 10:06. Running is getting easier but it is still very hard on my body. I've been on the bike a few times (indoors) but work, social, and family obligations are pushing my fitness priorities down the list.
I'm re-reading the Ultimate Ride by Chris Carmichael, the founder of Carmichael Training Systems (CTS). It outlines a training plan that focuses on setting and accomplishing goals. Sounds perfect, right? Most of my indoor training workouts are taking place a night (9:00 PM) after the son is asleep, so tonight I started the CTS program. The fitness test is meant to establish a baseline for training heart rates and evaluate progress as training advances.
First a 5 minute warm up, then an 8 minute high intensity interval, 5 minute recovery, another 8 minute interval, 5 minute recovery, and 10 minute cool down. And the survey says:
Warm up: ending 104.
Interval 1: Avg 136, Mx 149, End 148.
Reco: 23 bps.
Interval 2: Avg 147, Mx 156, End 155.
Reco: 22 bps.
Cool down: ending 118.
During the intervals I maintained 25+ mph with a cadence of 90+. This was a very hard effort and I am not sure I could of done much better. This means my FoundationMiles will be performed at a heart rate of 131 to 135. This is not very impressive, but I guess you have to start somewhere (bottom).
I expected higher Avg HR. I not sure increase fitness will result with a higher avg HR. I won't question or second guess. I'm committed to following the training plan.
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