Monday, September 29, 2008

What is BMI 30+

Hello. First allow me to explain. BMI or Body Mass Index is an indicator of overall body health/fitness. At my current size, I have a BMI of 30+ which tops the charts at Obese!!!!! So I am basically statistically grouped with the fat guy that gets cut out of his house while Richard Simmons cries in the background. But that will change. One of the reasons for this window is to hold myself accountable for my goals and maybe this will serve as a motivator. The bottom line is if this all goes terribly bad then it should make for interesting reading (on a third grade level). Basically starting 10/1/08, 2 days from now, I will begin my march towards fitness. Whether it is a trail of tears or Sherman's march is let to be seen. This is a spiritual awakening of sorts and I hope my fitness changes translate to changes in my mental make up. I believe the two go hand in hand. A happy body is a happy mind, and vice verse. My first fitness goal is to complete a mile run in less than 12 minutes. Sounds easy. I hope it is because I have to start somewhere, and at the bottom means I have nowhere to go but up. Stay tuned for the illustrated version of the path least taken to fitness and hopefully a 1/8 of sanity.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Diary of a Mad Fat Man

This is an attempt at a diary/blog and maybe I’ll post it for public consumption if I think the world is worthy. Mainly I want to discuss/record my efforts to gain fitness and lose weight. I am a 34 year old man with a BMI of 30 plus which would put me in the obese category. I am recovering from a case of the Shingles (yes at 34) and I am frustrated at my failed attempts to get fit/lose weight. Hopefully a written record will help document my efforts, state of mind, and maybe provide levity. Or prove my insanity. The official start date in 10/1/08.