Thursday, December 18, 2008

CTS Fitness Test

The Baseline
It has been a difficult month. The cold and rain is not very motivating. I have run 2 miles this month, 10:17 & 10:06. Running is getting easier but it is still very hard on my body. I've been on the bike a few times (indoors) but work, social, and family obligations are pushing my fitness priorities down the list.
I'm re-reading the Ultimate Ride by Chris Carmichael, the founder of Carmichael Training Systems (CTS). It outlines a training plan that focuses on setting and accomplishing goals. Sounds perfect, right? Most of my indoor training workouts are taking place a night (9:00 PM) after the son is asleep, so tonight I started the CTS program. The fitness test is meant to establish a baseline for training heart rates and evaluate progress as training advances.
First a 5 minute warm up, then an 8 minute high intensity interval, 5 minute recovery, another 8 minute interval, 5 minute recovery, and 10 minute cool down. And the survey says:
Warm up: ending 104.
Interval 1: Avg 136, Mx 149, End 148.
Reco: 23 bps.
Interval 2: Avg 147, Mx 156, End 155.
Reco: 22 bps.
Cool down: ending 118.
During the intervals I maintained 25+ mph with a cadence of 90+. This was a very hard effort and I am not sure I could of done much better. This means my FoundationMiles will be performed at a heart rate of 131 to 135. This is not very impressive, but I guess you have to start somewhere (bottom).
I expected higher Avg HR. I not sure increase fitness will result with a higher avg HR. I won't question or second guess. I'm committed to following the training plan.
Check out my insanity or lack thereof

Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Challenges, New Motivation

With Thanksgiving and November behind us, it's time to focus on December goals. First lets recap November's progress:
1. Run/Walk 30 Miles in November.
Incomplete. Complete 24.1 miles with a combination of walks and runs.
2. Complete a one mile run under 12 minutes.
Success. Ran one mile on the McGill track in 10:32.
3. Cycling 60 Miles in November.
Incomplete. Completed 41.4 miles on two rides and 8 miles on the trainer.
4. 15 run/walk workouts.
Success. 15 workouts completed over 11 days.

As Meatloaf said,"Two out of three ain't bad." The cold weather and earlier darkness really hurt my cumulative goals. Tempatures in the 40s kept me off the bike. I am very pleased with the one mile run. That is the furthest distance I have run thus far and I all ready have completed another mile and set a new PB at 10:05.
I took my stress test and the Doctor cleared me medically and suggested I lose 10 lbs. He had to go to medical school if figure that out.
As I start to think about my goals for December I do not want to fall into the trap of re-setting the same goals. I want to change my focus and not get discouraged by incomplete goals. New challenges, new motivation.

December Goals:
Sub 10 minute mile.
RUN 10 miles cumulative during the month.
3. 40 miles cycling during the month.
4. Monitor diet. Lose 5 pounds (Starting weight 201 lbs)

The 10 minute mile is a challenge but attainable as is the cum run and cycle. I plan to use some interval workouts to help with overall fitness. (Both track and cycle)
I normally do not set weight loss as a goal but I have yet to see substantial weight loss from my increase in activity and I want to focus on not just diet but also nutrition. On that note, I am increasing my protein intake to help with recovery as well as meal substitute. Recovered well after last miler.

Cold weather workouts are important to spring and summer fitness. The base I build now will be the structure of the spring and summer.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

November Update

Progress: 33.27 miles on the bike. 14.57 miles walk run.

Met with Physician about a complete physical. Scheduled a stress test, blood test, chest x-rays, the whole sha-bang-a-bang. Had a really good bike ride last Tuesday completed 21 miles and avg 14 mph. That's pretty good for a fat guy. I am trying to schedule off days and workout four days a week. Weight loss is not evident. I'm eating ok, but my weight is actually up. Weighted in at Doctor's office at 210 (with clothes and shoes.) I am taking 1200mg of fish oil and a multi vitamin. Working out in the morning seems to be working now that it gets dark earlier. Getting the workout out of the way early is the best way to insure that it doesn't get skipped. Recovery is an issue. I'm having difficultly recovering the day after or several days after exercise. Considering using Protein shakes to help with appetite and proper nutrition. I hope with continued activity, stretching, and proper nutrition my "dead legs" will come back to life

Monday, November 3, 2008

November Goals

1. Run/Walk 30 Miles in November.
2. Complete a one mile run under 12 minutes.
3. Cycling 60 Miles in November.
4. 15 run/walk workouts.

These are easily defined goals. 1 & 2 are leftovers from October that were not completed. I am setting the goals in effort to motivate. I am monitoring progress on & Nike+. Catch my updates on Twitter.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Stumbling out of the Blocks

Hello again. This serves as the one month update for my fitness journey. The first two weeks I was Livingstrong, but after falling victim to a packed social calender, illness, and the passing of my grandfather, I'm living Vida Loca. My goals for October were all left unfinished. No 12 minute mile nor 30 cumulative miles. I my defense I knew this would not be a sprint and I'm prepared for setbacks. On the positive, no tobacco in a month, and thats a bigger deal than it sounds. I am still struggling with the death of my grandfather. Emotionally I am a wreck. Lately my social calender has gotten the better of me. Between the Street Party and Halloween, free time for anything let alone exercise has been few and far between. I will pervail. I'm working on my goals for November and certain the 12 minute mile and the 30 total miles will be included. One problem will be the winter time change (getting dark earlier). I refuse to focus on weight. Managing my diet and exercise will result in the desired weight loss. I felt really good getting 8 hours of sleep, eating right, drinking water, & exercising. I want to get back there. I also think it will help me get my head back together. Motivation is the key. I'm using,,, & anything to motivate.

Monday, September 29, 2008

What is BMI 30+

Hello. First allow me to explain. BMI or Body Mass Index is an indicator of overall body health/fitness. At my current size, I have a BMI of 30+ which tops the charts at Obese!!!!! So I am basically statistically grouped with the fat guy that gets cut out of his house while Richard Simmons cries in the background. But that will change. One of the reasons for this window is to hold myself accountable for my goals and maybe this will serve as a motivator. The bottom line is if this all goes terribly bad then it should make for interesting reading (on a third grade level). Basically starting 10/1/08, 2 days from now, I will begin my march towards fitness. Whether it is a trail of tears or Sherman's march is let to be seen. This is a spiritual awakening of sorts and I hope my fitness changes translate to changes in my mental make up. I believe the two go hand in hand. A happy body is a happy mind, and vice verse. My first fitness goal is to complete a mile run in less than 12 minutes. Sounds easy. I hope it is because I have to start somewhere, and at the bottom means I have nowhere to go but up. Stay tuned for the illustrated version of the path least taken to fitness and hopefully a 1/8 of sanity.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Diary of a Mad Fat Man

This is an attempt at a diary/blog and maybe I’ll post it for public consumption if I think the world is worthy. Mainly I want to discuss/record my efforts to gain fitness and lose weight. I am a 34 year old man with a BMI of 30 plus which would put me in the obese category. I am recovering from a case of the Shingles (yes at 34) and I am frustrated at my failed attempts to get fit/lose weight. Hopefully a written record will help document my efforts, state of mind, and maybe provide levity. Or prove my insanity. The official start date in 10/1/08.